You Make A Difference STEMMA Corporation

You Make A Difference STEMMA Corporation

Program Name: Fun With STEMMA! We Dream So Children Will Learn How to Dream!

Award Amount: $19,997

Program Description: Fun with STEMMA! is a hands-on, STEM program that involves under-represented youths in grades K-12, using 3D design and printing, drones, game design software, digital/ aerial photography and robotics to develop skills that can be used in STEM related fields.

Fun with STEMMA! is designed to enhance life-long application of information technology to STEM learning in a year-round enrichment program that includes after-school activities, bimonthly Saturday programs and a summer camp. The program strives to increase student interest, engagement, and knowledge of STEM career pathways and job readiness; teach key skills in business and increase students’ interest in generating STEM business ideas; facilitate access to opportunities for creative expression and exploration; increase student knowledge and application (i.e. behavior change) of STEM content and processes. The student-centered activities and project/inquiry-based learning are designed to engage and foster student interest and curiosity.

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