United Workers – Baltimore Compost Collective

United Workers – Baltimore Compost Collective

Program Name: United Workers Association/The Baltimore Compost Collective

Award Amount: $16,000

Project Description: The Baltimore Compost Collective (BCC), a youth entrepreneurship program that trains participants in workforce skills, food access programming, and community-scale composting in the Curtis Bay neighborhood, is in its second year. Modeled after a program in Brooklyn, N.Y., youth work with a coordinator to collect hundreds of pounds of food scraps each week from area businesses and homes, which is composted into a healthy amendment for soil at the Filbert Street Community Garden.

This youth-focused, locally based, door-to-door, food scrap collection enterprise is bringing jobs, income, and skills to a community hungry for a return to prominence. The program will also provide weekly training to youth employees from Ben Franklin High School to run a collection service and compost site partnered with the Filbert Street Garden. The program will also provide stable employment for one supervisor and two youth. The organization will also expand its customer base to 65 customers and will serve 15-35 families.

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