Unique Fabrics Sewing Program for Women & Girls

Unique Fabrics Sewing Program for Women & Girls

Program Name: Unique Fabrics Youth Arts and Job Initiative

Award Amount: $200,000

Partner(s): SENT Mentoring, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church

Project Description: Unique Fabrics will develop a 5-day a week after school and weekend program for children 8-17 which address the needs of the children including: 4 hours of SENT Mentoring Program for violence reduction, character development; a one-hour weekly art program; and two hours per week of sewing and textiles. The weekend art program is two hours.

The program will teach young people skills for running a small business including sewing courses, marketing, and soft skills training. This past summer, Unique Fabrics employed nine youth through YouthWorks. Unique Fabrics plans to use a reward system to employ youth from the ages of 14-17 to develop a youth employment campaign; utilize an art program to give the youth in the area (not just the youth promoting the campaign) a community art program they can participate in outside of school time and feed the children.

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