Sisters-In-Law, Incorporated

Sisters-In-Law, Incorporated

Program Name: City-Wide Teen Girls Expo Summit 2019

Award Amount: $18,500

Program Description: The purpose of the City-Wide Teen Girls Expo Summit is to provide empowerment opportunities to young girls ages nine and up by offering a variety of initiatives which will address the following items: Leadership, Self-Advocacy, Healthy Lifestyles, Educational Opportunities, Etiquette, Career Awareness, Conflict Resolution, Self-Esteem and Bullying.

The Expo’s goal is to empower its participants to use what information which is provided through workshops/trainings to enhance quality of life, goal setting, academic achievement, positive decision as well as working with communities and other youth-based organizations to make a better Baltimore for all residents. The Expo is congruent to the mission and vision of Sisters-In-Law, which through mentoring and community involvement inspires its mentees to reach their maximum potential by setting goals, making positive decisions, increasing academic achievement and becoming responsible young women in an ever-changing society.

Funding will also allow the organization to continue to provide weekly mentoring for current program participants. Activities include providing tutorial academic assistance, sewing classes, sessions regarding self-esteem/decision-making skills, educational field trips and recreational opportunities.

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