Program Name: Poised – An After-School Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Program

Award Amount: $15,666.67

Project Description: Poised focuses on supporting the prevention and reduction of teenage pregnancy. The mission is to foster the development of girls from under-resourced communities to discover their potential by providing them with the tools and resources to make productive and healthy decisions, now and the future. The core elements are the implementation of a Youth Development Foundation, Health Literacy, Group Mentoring, Debutante Experience. The program goals are to: (1) support teen girls in discovering and exploring their life goals, (2) improve health literacy by increasing youth capacity to engage actively in their health, including connection to preventative care, (3) increase knowledge and self-efficacy related to receiving and discussing developmentally appropriate reproductive health information, (4) and bolster positive attitudes and appreciation of social skills, etiquette, academic achievement and professional development.

The program will also implement an after-school group mentoring program for 15 girls attending New Era Academy which includes a two-year long debutante experience. The program will also provide two-hour weekly sessions that support teen girls with character development, college and career enrichment, health literacy, reproductive health, connection to preventative care, and social etiquette.

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