National Great Black in Wax Museum

National Great Black in Wax Museum

Program Name: Creating Possibilities from Probabilities for Baltimore’s Youth

Award Amount: $200,000

Partner(s): Growing Griots Literacy Learning Program of the Griots Circle of Maryland, National Association of Black Storytellers, Discover ME/ Recover ME: Healing and Enrichment through the African Oral Tradition

Project Description: Implement multiple programs throughout the grant cycle, including:

* National Great Blacks In Wax: Docent Training; Intergenerational Family Learning; Imparting History knowledge

* Growing Griots Literacy Learning Program: Parent-Child Interaction through storytelling and the African Oral Tradition of song, music, dancing, drumming; Techniques for Becoming a “Growing Griots”.

* John “Kinderman” Taylor: Parent-Teacher Training to Encourage Early Childhood Learning

* Discover Me/Recover ME: The Healing Art of Storytelling

* Great Blacks In Wax Museum: Violence Prevention and Reduction through the Lessons of Black History

* Juxtopia Group: through its JET Juxtopia Engineer in Training program and JUICE helps high school age students obtain personalized training in minority micro enterprise

* Recruit, develop and retain great teachers to lead the programs

* Implement docent training and staff training

* Implement a qualitative and quantitative evaluation

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