Muslim Social Services Agency

Muslim Social Services Agency

Program Name: Muslim Social Services Agency/Refugee ESL Distance Learning

Award Amount: $198,500

Project Description: Refugee ESL(English as a Second Language) Distance Learning is designed to teach the children of refugees English via the computer. Many recently arriving Syrian and Iraq refugees have an average of four school aged children. These children’s parents and their first language is not English, it is Arabic. Therefore, the parents have a very difficult time with helping the children with their homework and the children have a very difficult time understanding their homework, making friends in school and communication with and understanding their teachers. Furthermore, it is a challenge for them to read and comprehend what they had read. Many of these children are bullied in school because of lack of English communication skills. Some refugee children fail classes and advancing in grades because of their very low English reading and reading comprehension skills.

The Program will also provide ESL programming to 100 refugee children through online ESL classes that will take place five days a week for at least two hours per day. It will also recruit seasoned ESL teachers or train teachers to become ESL instructors.

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