Money Talks Baltimore, LLC

Money Talks Baltimore, LLC

Program Name: Smart Investors Club

Award Amount: $8,458.61

Project Description: The Smart Investors Club is a fun, interactive, hands-on financial educational program for Baltimore City youth ages 14-18. The goal of the program is to promote financial wellness by teaching youth to manage and save money, start a personal budget, set smart financial goals, learn accountability for choices and learn ways to invest in their community. Financial wellness is needed because youth are often excluded from conversations about money and are kept from making financial decisions. Services will be provided by Money Talks Baltimore, LLC and Wise Mind Counseling, LLC, two emerging minority business enterprises owned by Social Workers who believe quality of life is achieved by mental and financial health.

The Program will provide an interactive, hands-on financial educational program for 10 African-American youth ages 14-18, over an eight-week period to build improved financial literacy and responsible money habits, learn how to create budgets and develop smart financial goals. Sessions will be held once a week.

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