Kindred Community Healing

Kindred Community Healing

Program Name: Sista SoulQuest

Award Amount: $85,748.25

Project Description: Sista SoulQuest is a culturally informed, inter-generational sister circle program intended to provide safe space for girls of color. The organization holds space to cultivate intergenerational bonds, develop social responsibility and cultural pride, while gaining the mind-body skills to support overall health and wellness. Healing spaces will take place at Matthew Henson Elementary School and the program will be comprised of 10-15 fourth and fifth grade girls of color. They will engage in weekly circles, quarterly Mommy and Me mini-retreats, holistic field trips and be prepared to share skills learned with the larger school community. All experiences are tailored to the unique needs of the families served and invite women of color healers and entrepreneurs to share their insights while supporting youth in expanding their concept of self.

The program will also provide weekly 60-minute sister circles, quarterly Mommy and Me mini-retreats, and 2 holistic field trips to 10-15 fourth and fifth graders at Matthew Henson Elementary School. They will also facilitate at least three parent workshops on topics around Raising Youth in Racial Equity and Self-Care for Passionate Parents.

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