Intersection of Change, Inc.

Intersection of Change, Inc.

Program Name: Jubilee Arts

Award Amount: $125,000

Project Description: Jubilee Arts (JA) seeks funding to support its children & youth (ages 6-13) and older youth (ages 14-19) programs. JA is a comprehensive art program that uses art as a catalyst for social change and as a tool for empowerment to over 1,000 children and youth annually.

JA Arts offers year-round classes in ceramics, visual arts, dance, ballet, and junior business art for 200 children & youth ages 6-13. The program aligns with the Fund by offering many experiences for youth to explore and create. The summer program, Explore BMORE, is an opportunity for the children to visit African American art businesses and local art museums.

One of JA’s older youth programs (for ages 14-19), Youth in Business (YiB), is an out-of-school entrepreneurship program where youth design, market, and sell various art work that includes tee shirts, ceramic mugs, holiday tree ornaments and cards, jewelry, and tote bags. The youth practice cooperative economics and $12,000 of profit from sales was shared in 2017 as well as $13,000 in the first half of 2018.

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