Creative Nomads, Ltd

Creative Nomads, Ltd

Program Name: Drumming With Dad

Award Amount: $56,538

Project Description: Drumming with Dad (DWD) is a hands-on activity that fathers and their children participate in together. Cohorts of 10-20 fathers will meet at least once a month for 6 months. The goal is 2 sessions a month with 15 dads for 10 months for a total of 22 sessions at each site. During the sessions, the instructor will explore themes including an introduction to and history of West African drums, how the drums are made, the sounds created from the drums, and participant engagement with the drums. The drums are also used as metaphors for the family and community, connecting the ideals relating to fathers, mothers, and the children working collaboratively on one-accord in their family and further how their family and others can work together to form harmony in the community. This program assists in honing critical parental skills for fathers to support healthy co-parenting, child-rearing, and community connecting in a fun way. Not to mention, both fathers and children are both able to bond with other participants in their cohort intergenerationally, growing relationships with one another – empowering true community building.

The Program provides hands-on activity through two sessions a month with up to 15 dads and 15 children (pre-K through 2nd grade) per session for 10 months. They will also host a total of 22 sessions at Dorothy I Height Elementary, The Historic Y at Druid Hill, Gilmore Elementary, Curtis Bay Elementary, and New Song Academy.

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