Civic Works, Inc.

Civic Works, Inc.

Program Name: YouthBuild

Award Amount: $244,028

Project Description: Civic Works YouthBuild program will provide college and career programming for 70 youth and young adults, aged 15 – 25. YouthBuild helps youth prepare for next steps, whether they need help training for a job or planning for college. For out of school youth receiving job training, the program will take anywhere from 3 months (for a person with a high school diploma) to 6 months (for a person who needs help with a GED) and will operate twice per year. For in-school youth, this program will operate throughout the school year and summer.

The program will operate in two locations. Out of school youth will learn job skills and attend GED sessions at the YouthBuild facility in Remington. These youth can live anywhere in the city. In-school programming will operate at REACH! Partnership School in Northeast Baltimore. The traditional YouthBuild program will prepare 30 out of school young adults, ages 18 – 24, for jobs by providing construction certifications and experience, GEDs, supportive services, and job placement. The school-based YouthBuild program will providing mentoring opportunities for 40 youth, ages 15 – 19, interested in college and providing after school and summer programming focused on college readiness.

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