Using City Money to Put Baltimore’s Youth First

Using City Money to Put Baltimore’s Youth First

By Sean Yoes, Baltimore AFRO Editor,

The final community design sessions, organized to help craft the framework for the distribution of the $12 million Baltimore Children and Youth Fund, took place this week. The sixth and final session was at Patterson High School in South Baltimore.

I attended the fifth session April 2, at Lakeland Elementary/Middle School in the Cherry Hill community of South Baltimore, and the library where the meeting took place was packed (I was told it was the best attended meeting of them all to that point).

The energy in the room, filled with a very diverse (age, race, gender), group of community leaders, educators and child advocates offered dozens of cogent ideas for how this year’s total of $24 million should be spent ($12 million left over from last year, plus this year’s $12 million, equals the $24 million total for 2018). Perhaps, more importantly, the group forwarded names of individuals and entities more than worthy of resources to help sustain the work of those who help sustain our children. Read Full Article on Afro

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