Racial Equity Committee Meeting Minutes November 01, 2022

Date: November 1, 2022

The Racial Equity Committee of the Baltimore Children & Youth  Fund, Inc. meeting was held on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, via video conference.


In Attendance Committee Members: Lisa Molock, Keiona Gorham, and Marcus Pollock

Absent Committee Members: Catherine Benton-Jones, Larry Simmons, Jr., Lanaye Drake, Dion Cartwright, Jon Gray, and Kirsten Allen


In Attendance (Staff): Dr. Nicassia Belton,
Alysia Lee, and  Sherria Lovelace

Absent (Staff): None



Call to Order

Call to Order: 6:11 pm 


Welcome and Agenda Overview

Dr. Belton welcomed committee members to the first meeting this fiscal year of the Racial Equity Committee and shared the theme for the meeting, discovery. 


Dr. Belton led the committee in an introduction exercise centered on how committee members see themselves showing up in racial
equity work. Committee members provided a wide range of responses, including showing up as a: 

  • Mother
  • Translator 
  • Community Advocate
  • Voice for Youth 
  • Student
  • Accountability Partner
  • Energetic Weaver 
  • Innovator 



Dr. Belton moved to approve the meeting agenda and opened the floor for amendments.  No amendments were proposed.  The
committee proceeded with the agenda as stated. 



Purpose of Committee

Dr. Belton reviewed Article 6.4 of the Board of Directors Bylaws outlining the two buckets of work the Racial Equity Committee is
responsible for: 


Biennial Review and Accountability 

  • Review of BCYF’s policies and practices to evaluate alignment with BCYF’s values
  • The production of a bi-annual report for distribution to the board and general public 
  • Ensuring and advancing BCYF’s mission of being an equity-focused organization and the BCYF Racial Equity Accountability Framework  


Board Training  

  • Board commitment and ongoing learning to ensure development and implementation of regular board training on racial equity·      
  • Review and evaluate racial equity training and supports need to advance BCYF’s values. 


Dr. Belton opened the floor for questions.


Dr. Belton highlighted that the committee would have to develop the board training piece before the biennial review and accountability measures could be created.  


Committee Values 

Dr. Belton reviewed the organization’s core values found in the Board of Directors’ Bylaws. The core values include racial equity, intergenerational leadership, collective decision-making, and community ownership. 


Dr. Belton presented a slide deck describing how each core value is embodied in BCYF’s work. 


Dr. Belton presented the working draft of the Racial Equity and Inclusion Framework and a slide deck of the ten dimensions, which include accountability mechanisms, a culture of practice,  race-informed explicit policies, narrative, a communications strategy, systems change, stated commitment, disaggregated data, stakeholder engagement, outcomes-oriented approach. Dr. Belton remarked that as the organization and the committee continue to work on the Racial Equity and Inclusion Framework, we may want to reflect on whether other dimensions should be included in the framework and how they should be operationalized. We should also consider if alternative ways to
operationalize the current dimensions exist. 


Dr. Belton asked committee members to share what racial equity work means to them. Committee members provided a wide range of
responses, including making the world better for young people; setting frameworks, policies, and procedures that benefit Black people; liberation from oppressive ideas and actions around power, privilege, and systems; setting young people up for success, ensuring that Black people have an equitable piece of the American pie owed
Membership to them.



Dr. Belton reviewed the committee’s membership obligations outlined in Article 6.4 of the Board of Directors Bylaws. Per the Bylaws, the committee shall be comprised of members of the board and non-director stakeholders. 


Dr. Belton highlighted the following for consideration 

  • How does the committee identify community members to join?
  • How to provide equitable opportunities for community members to volunteer and inform the work?
  • A Chairperson or persons for the committee


Keiona Gorham volunteered to chair the Racial Equity Committee.


Tentative Future Agenda Items

Shared language on concepts centered around racial equity 

· Recognizing community

What ways can we hear from
the community about what this work means to them?

What do we as a committee
want to learn?

·       The impact of institutional racism on our lives. Issues that Black people should discuss amongst themselves.  



Adjourn 6:59 pm