What is the Individual Impact Fund?

This August, we are celebrating BCYF Month: a special fundraising campaign designed to raise awareness and support to strengthen BCYF’s impact. In honor of our birthday, we are launching the Individual Impact Fund: a fund made for our community to directly contribute to Baltimore Children & Youth Fund’s work towards creating a Baltimore where the potential of our youth can fully bloom. Baltimore Children & Youth Fund is not a private foundation–we are a public charity that disburses 80% of the revenue we receive directly into the hands of community leaders and organizations generating positive change in our communities. 


Your generous donation will help us support essential programs and initiatives that offer educational assistance, mentorship, and resources for youth-serving programs. Our young people in Baltimore deserve every opportunity to succeed, and your gift can make an impact in their lives.

Join BCYF Month and be a force for positive change. Together, we can empower Baltimore’s youth and create a better future.