“Group Chat” – Baltimore Youth Produce Anti-Cyberbullying Music Video

young people posing for a photo among instruments


#BCYFUND grantee, Beyond The Natural Foundation produces Anti-cyberbullying Music Video.


At the heart of the program is the B.M.O.R.E. (Being More Optimistic and Righteously Endowed) campaign where students get to use music to create a new culture of taking pride in making positive contributions to their community. As youth develop from this safe, supportive, enriching and inspiring environment, their musical skills and performances are applied to building the B.M.O.R.E. campaign to improve their community through greater collaboration, learning, creativity, and collective action on matters such as Anti-violence, Anti-bullying, and Anti-drugs.


The lead single from this year’s project is a song written, recorded, and produced by our students called “Group Chat”. In an age where technology is the foundation of our existence, our Baltimore City High Schoolers felt it was important for them to inspire their peers to use technology in a positive way by “Respecting The Group Chat”. Please check out and share this amazing and creative work of our Baltimore youth and remember in all communication to “Spread Love and Not Hate, Because Love is ALL WE NEED”.