2023 Grantees

BCYF awarded $8.4 million in grant funding to 60 eligible youth programs.  In addition to financial support, organizations awarded a grant will receive rigorous technical assistance and capacity-building support to help them sustain and grow.  

All grantees fall under one of these funding categories:

The Aligned Grantmaking Fund (AGF) provides opportunities to create granting partnerships that leverage the impact of collaborative funding investments in infrastructure and ecosystem building. This deepens BCYF’s commitment to investments that leverage additional funding sources for youth-led and youth-focused projects, build the ecosystem of the social sector in Baltimore, and support the leadership development of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian leaders. These are 1-3 year grants or match support for projects. The AGF is an invitation-only grant opportunity. 

The Grassroots Fund (GRF) addresses traditional gaps in Baltimore’s funding  landscape by providing funding for grassroots, Baltimore-based,  youth-serving organizations in support of an organization’s overall mission. BCYF awards multi-year grants to eligible community accountable organizations, disbursing $50,000 a year.


Operating on a multi-year grant cycle allows BCYF to invest in building the capacity of its grantees, which positions organizations for success beyond BCYF funding. In addition to financial support, organizations awarded a GRF grant will receive rigorous technical assistance and capacity-building support to help them sustain and grow. A panel of community grant reviewers selects grantees during an annual grant application process. 

The President’s Fund (PF) aligns with the BCYF mission, vision, and values and offers flexibility to address pressing issues at the discretion of the President. The PF is an invitation-only grant opportunity. 

The Community Accountable Fund (CAF) supports youth-serving organizations with a demonstrated commitment to being credible with and accountable to youth and the local communities they are proposing to serve. The fund prioritizes programming that supports a specific population of youth that otherwise do not receive adequate support and Brown, Black, Indigenous, and Asian-led organizations. Grantees are selected through a nomination process. 

60 Organizations Supporting Youth Across Baltimore

Grant Amount
Fund Type
10:12 Sports$90,000CAO
Active Achievers, Inc.$150,000GRF
Adelante Latina!$150,000GRF
Baer School$20,000PF
Ballet After Dark$100,000PF
Baltimore Brothers$50,000PF
Baltimore Urban Baseball Association$20,000PF
Baltimore’s Promise$25,000PF
Blax Lax, Inc.$20,000PF
Catherine’s Family and Youth Services, Inc.$150,000CAO
CHARM: Voices of Baltimore Youth$75,000CAO
Dance Happens, Inc.$150,000GRF
Dayspring, Inc.$150,000GRF
DewMore Baltimore$70,000PF
Dream Bigger$20,000PF
Dyslexia Advocation$20,000PF
Elev8 Baltimore, Inc.$225,000CAO
Excellence & Ambition, Inc.$150,000GRF
Focus on Communities United for Success$150,000GRF
Global Air Drone Academy$150,000GRF
Greenmount East Leadership Project$20,000PF
Harlem Lacrosse – Baltimore$120,000CAO
HMHU Mentoring, Inc.$150,000GRF
Imagine Me Ministries$150,000GRF
Innovative Initiatives Inc.$150,000GRF
Islamic Leadership Institute of America, Inc.$150,000GRF
JOY Baltimore$150,000CAO
Latino Education Advancement Fund$20,000PF
Mentoring Mentors Inc$90,000CAO
MissionFit Inc$150,000GRF
Moving History, Inc.$150,000GRF
Muse 360$150,000PF
My Covenant Place$150,000GRF
My GIRLS, Inc.$150,000GRF
No Struggle No Success$20,000PF
Nuestras Raices, Inc.$25,000PF
Peaceful Warriors$20,000PF
Pennsylvania Avenue Neighborhood Association$10,000PF
Phase 3 Training Corporation$150,000GRF
Requity Foundation Inc.$150,000GRF
RICH-Restoring Inner City Hope, Inc.$150,000CAO
Sarah’s House$100,000PF
Social & Economic Empowerment through Knowledge, Inc. (SEEK)$150,000GRF
Tendea Family$50,000PF
The Agoge Project$150,000GRF
The Arts Project$20,000PF
The Broken Wall$20,000PF
The Community School$150,000GRF
The Food Project of UEmpower of MD$150,000GRF
The Mr. Mack Lewis Foundation$150,000GRF
The Sankofa Project – The Roots of Scouting$150,000GRF
The William J. Watkins Sr. Educational Institute, Inc.$150,000GRF
UMAR Boxing Program, Inc.$75,000CAO
Visions Select Baseball, Inc.$150,000GRF
We Will All Rise, Inc.$120,000CAO
Youth Resiliency Institute$135,000CAO

When Does the Next Funding Round Open?

The call for applications is held annually from January through March

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