Finance Committee Meeting Minutes 9/29

Baltimore Children & Youth Fund
Finance Committee Meeting
Date: November 29, 2022
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: On Zoom at


Attendees: Marcus Pollock-Board -Member, Bennice Thayer-VP of Finance & Administration, Alysia Lee-President, Allen Blackwell-Board Administrator, John Morris -Treasurer, Sarita Edwards-Executive Assistant, Jacqueline Caldwell -Secretary

Absent: Louis Williams, III

I. Call to Order: 6:02 p.m.

II. Previous Meeting’s Minutes
J. Morris welcomed everyone. The first order of business was to review the minutes of the last meeting; for the record Louis Williams, III was unable to attend.


J. Morris asked the committee to review and accept the minutes as presented for Tuesday, October 4th, 2022.


J. Caldwell, first and John Morris second. The motion carried. The minutes were accepted. All were in favor, and the motion passed.

III. Welcome, Bennice Thayer, Vice President of Finance &
Introduction of the new VP of F&A. J. Morris briefly presented Bennice Thayer’s CV. J. Morris provided B. Thayer with an opportunity to say hello and share her professional acumen.

Bennice Thayer:
B. Thayer thanked everyone.


J. Morris invited the committee to reach out individually to connect with B. Thayer to share their ideas and expectations. B. Thayer will send an email to each committee member. J. Morris turned the meeting over to B. Thayer to present the financial report.

IV. Financial Statement August 2020:
B. Thayer began the financial report by sharing the most recent Statement of Activities and Statement of Financial Position.


J. Morris asked if this financial statement could be shared with the entire board during the December 2022 meeting. With no objections, the Finance committee took a vote. J. Morris made the motion to accept and present the August 2020 statement. M. Pollack first, J. Morris second, no objections the motion carried.

V. CLE Business Services
J. Morris, moved to the next agenda item of CLE Business Services. J. Morris asked B. Thayer to share the presentation. Per B. Thayer, CLE Business Services was founded by Lorenzo Evans. CLE is a managing consulting firm that BCYF brought on in October 2022. CLE is partnering with BCYF with capacity in financial and organization development. They have assisted BCYF with compliance testing, strategy planning, and internal controls. Per


B. Thayer, the timeline for completion of work is Dec 31, 2022 . CLE will present the report at the January 2023 meeting. An interim report and the scope of work can be shared with the committee.


J. Morris made a motion to adjourn the meeting. M. Pollock first and Jacqueline Caldwell second.

VI. Adjourn: 6:28 p.m.