Updated May 2021

General Questions

Why was the Fund created?

The Fund was created to heal our city by investing in children and youth.

Which demographic does the Fund seek to serve?

The Baltimore Children and Youth Fund is designed to serve children, youth and young adults under age 24.

What is unique about the Fund?

The fund is managed by an independent entity – Baltimore Children & Youth Fund Inc. As of July 2020, there is a transition board in place to manage the activities of the activities of the fund. To read more about how the fund was created and structured, read our story

Who is the Fund’s fiscal agent or manager?

Baltimore Children & Youth Fund Inc. is the steward of public funds for youth and young adults – as a result of legislation passed in July 2020 by the Baltimore City Council.


What is BCYF doing to provide support to local youth organizations and programs?

In 2021, BCYF Inc. is building a community based process for future grant making opportunities. During this time, instead of soliciting new grant applications, BCYF will focus on aligned grantmaking and technical assistance for community organizations as a way to expand and strengthen the youth-serving nonprofit sector. This strategy allows BCYF to continue to invest to meet urgent community needs while the organization develops a permanent infrastructure. Click here to read about our current aligned grant making strategy.

When will there be an announcement about applications for grants?

BCYF expects to solicit new grant applications in the second quarter of 2022.