Executive Meeting Minutes March 7

Date: March 7th

Time: 6pm

Location: On Zoom ahttps://us06web.zoom.us/j/88904028816





Attendees: Larry Simmons, Jr., Board Chair, Lisa Molock, Board Vice Chair, John Morris, Board Treasurer, Marcus Pollock, Board Secretary, Alysia Lee, President, Emily Cory, Executive Assistant

Absent: None

Call to Order: 6:02 p.m.

Larry Simmons, Jr., Chair


  • Board Recruitment Plan
    • Goal to begin by March 20th
    • 3 new adult members
    • 4 new youth member
    • Review of the plan
    • Discussion/Recommendations 
      • Thank you for making it more accessible
      • Great to add the rubric directly into the application!
      • How do we indicate a priority scheme based on the needs of the board for the application reviewers? (which of the list located on the board recruitment plan)


  • Strategic Planning Process 
    • Who is serving on the strategic planning committee?
    • Review of the Valbrun Group Strategic Planning Proposal and the scope of work of those committee members
    • Looking for 2-3 Board Members
      • Marcus Pollock volunteered to chair but needs direct expectations and would work with Alysia to develop those expectations
      • Lisa Molock volunteered to serve as co-chair


  • Performance & Development Plan
  • Staff
    • Reviewed Performance and Development Plan and the performance management plan
      • Positive feedback from Mr. Pollock
      • John invited to offer feedback on the ADHOC committee – Making progress and discipline transparent, inclusive, and production and to offer support and structure for the employees of BCYF so that they can thrive
      • Restorative Justice as a value in the performance and development plan – can you speak to how that approach is applied to this environment?
        • From an education space to practice restorative justice in conflict resolution or restoring community members into community. It’s a way for indigenous and black wisdom to be applied to conflict resolution.
        • Folks wanted a framework and tools to use in giving and receiving feedback in a positive way.
        • Small slights can cause blocks in the work – imagining the impact on community as a restorative justice practice
        • Board will be included on trainings offered around using restorative justice practices in the workplace
    • Leadership
      • Review of the Leadership Review tool in board packet
      • Question of timeline, right on time to plan the beginning of this year’s review
      • Are there any barriers to that timeline?
        • Only in regards to scheduling. Planning to kick off in May.
      • Next steps to identify HOW to collect feedback from board and staff (focus groups or survey)
        • Survey may be better based on schedules
        • June 6th could be a good time for a board focus group?
        • Mr. Pollock expressed that a survey may protect anonymity as well as efficient for reading data (staff)
        • Staff could choose to include their name if they would like the board to follow-up with them.
      • May 2nd the survey can be presented at that executive committee meeting. That survey will also be included in the board book.
      • Full board or two small groups – committee is in favor of scheduling 2 small groups
      • Emily to work to schedule Alysia review with Larry and Lisa


  • Compliance Events
    • 2 compliance events
      • Hearing with the city
      • June 2nd: The Annual Report is due
    • Vote to approve last meeting minutes
      • Larry moves to approve
        • No opposed 
        • John and Lisa Seconded
      • Minutes approved



  • New board meeting agenda model developed at board retreat and will need one person to offer an impact story
  • Lisa Volunteered

Adjourn: 6:45 p.m.


APPROVED by Marcus Pollock