Executive Committee Meeting – November 8th

Date: Nov 8, 2022

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Location: On Zoom at https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88904028816


Attendees: Dion Cartwright, Board Chair, Kristen Allen, Board Vice Chair, John Morris, Board Treasurer, Jacqueline Caldwell, Board Secretary, Alysia Lee, President, Sarita Edwards, Executive Assistant

Absent: None

Call to Order: 6:08 pm


Meeting Minutes from

● May 12, 2022 John Morris, Treasurer, moved for approval of the minutes. Kristen Allen, Vice Chair, seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

➔ Edits are required for the May 12, 2022, meeting minutes.

● Sep 13, 2022 John Morris, Treasurer, moved for approval of the minutes. Kristen Allen, Vice Chair, seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Old Business
● President’s Annual Review
Dion Cartwright began the discussion with old business on the President’s annual review. The Executive Committee went through the Annual Review page by page. Per Cartwright, the goal is to ensure a clean, thorough, and equitable annual


Dion Cartwright Chair review process. Dion Cartwright wanted to ensure the Annual Review Process aligns with the values and culture of the Baltimore Children & Youth Fund.


Dion Cartwright reminded the Executive Committee that the President’s Annual Review document was sent for consideration before today’s meeting. Dion Cartwright provided the Executive Committee with some time to review the annual review document for questions and feedback.


Dion Cartwright asked if anyone had input or objections. There were no objections regarding the structure. Per Jacqueline Caldwell, the framework provided transparency and was thoughtfully integrated.

Dion Cartwright addressed the goals and broke down the review into sections. Kristen Allen asked how the board intended to leverage what was achieved compared to the work done.

The question of anonymity for both board and staff in the evaluation process was broached by Kirsten Allen and Jacqueline Caldwell.

Dion Cartwright shared that the process will be anonymous for the board and staff. Also, the President’s community engagement and advocacy will be added for evaluation, then considered was how to evaluate the President in Grantee management and board governance.


The Executive Committee amended the timeline for the metrics in these areas to allow time for development. Per Dion Cartwright, all considerations will be reviewed, for future development, within the President’s Annual Review. Dion Cartwright addressed the need to revamp the language in the review from Executive Director to President. It was agreed by the Executive Board and the BCYF President that going forward, and the annual review process would extend from January thru March, beginning 2024. However, this year’s annual review will take place in May 2023.


Due to the recent organization analysis, led by President Lee, the Executive Committee and BCYF President decided that a sustainable infrastructure benchmark will be added to the annual goals.


New Business
● Adult and Youth Board Support Plan
Lee shared a timeline that included Board Support, Leadership Transitions, Youth Recruitment, and Adult Recruitment.


The Avis Ransom Institute training has been moved to the summer. The curriculum has been drafted.


Alysia Lee stressed the importance of a public announcement for the BCYF board member openings for accountability and transparency.


● Launching the BCYF Strategic Planning Process

The draft version of the request for proposals for strategic planning consultants was shared for feedback. The plan includes an open call for proposals, a review process, interviews, and selection.


Adjourn: 7:37 pm