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Grassroots Fund

Addressing traditional gaps in Baltimore’s funding landscape by providing unrestricted funding for grassroots, Baltimore-based, youth-serving organizations.

Grant Opportunities

There are no current grant opportunities available.

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Technical Assistance

We are committed to an innovative approach to Technical Assistance and Capacity Building as a pivotal tool to challenge the traditional and historically harmful power dynamics of the philanthropic sector.


Our aim is to shift the dynamics of grantmaking through empowering communities, uplifting youth voices and strengthening grantee organizational capacity to ensure the delivery of equitable and effective programming to our youth.


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The Avis Ransom Institute

The Avis Ransom Institute (ARI) will train young people to be effective leaders and representatives in their community in Baltimore civic life. The program launched in October 2021 as a pilot program for youth and young adults in Baltimore.

Requirements for participants:

  • Must be current residents of Baltimore.
  • Must be between the ages of 15 and 24
ARI is currently not accepting applications.



For more information about the program, please contact Dayvon Love at



The Avis Ransom Institute is a program of Baltimore Children and Youth Fund Inc. 

Who is Avis Ransom?

Avis Spent her life working to create a better Baltimore. Her body of work ranges from working cooperatives to investing in the lives of Baltimore’s youth. Avis was a member of BUILD in its beginnings. She was most proud of its ability to amass grassroots power to eventually have an impact on the state budget. 


She keenly understood the importance of Black people being able to exercise power over the distribution of resources. Avis was one of the lead trainers of BRJA. She has trained many of the most respected minds on racial justice in Baltimore.