Blueberry Bushes, Meet Torbin Green of the St. Francis Neighborhood Center

Blueberry Bushes A citadel not on a hill, but on the ground with the people. This is the only way to describe what St. Francis Neighborhood Center (SFNC)  is for the people of Baltimore’s Reservoir Hill community. At the intersection of Linden ave and Whitelock Street, visitors are greeted by blueberry bushes maintained by program […]

Meet Kevin Beasley of Beats not Bullets

Kevin Beasely, an East Baltimore native, is a lifelong mentor and is co-founder of Baltimore Cease Fire, a grassroots movement born from the ideology that violence will only end when the people impacted by it take a stand.  Decades before Beasely’s thought about Cease Fire or being a mentor, he attended the Baltimore Rites of […]

Meet Dyon Davidson of Beadly Speaking

Born and raised in Jamaica, Dyon Davidson came to the United States at the age of 12. As a child, she didn’t understand her peers’ accents and they didn’t understand hers. “They were like you talking too fast, and I was like you talking too fast,” recounts Dyon.   What she did understand was arts, […]

Weaving Peace and Power: Saran Fossett of Aziza PE&CE

A fierce model, who cat-walked her way to the runways of Paris in the 90s, Saran Fossett now models audacious love for Black youth in Baltimore through her organization Aziza Pe&ce. She modeled professionally from the age of 16 until now. However, her career was put on hold when she was informed that she was […]

Building Power: Meet Kuijuan Jackson of Communities United

Community organizing is both an endeared and often forgotten skill that sits at the cornerstone of building power in communities of color, so for Kuijuan “Big Woogie” Jackson, 23, of Communities United (CU) being a Community Organizer was an easy choice.  Kuijuan came to Communities United in 2018 through Baltimore’s summer youth employment program, Youth […]

Ending The Year With a Homerun – Baltimore Urban Baseball Association

When traveling on I-95 north into Downtown Baltimore, one may be shocked to learn that the tall landmark embossed with the name Baltimore written vertically is in fact, a trash incinerator. You may be even more shocked to learn that this site, where our city burns trash, was once home to a proud Negro League […]

Community MVP: Creative Nomads

Torrey Smith introduces us to a group that serves the community by providing access to cultural programs. Source: CBS Baltimore

Refocusing the gaze – African Youth Alchemy

“Our greatest stories come from our history.” Ras Tre Subira Founder – African Youth Alchemy African Youth Alchemy  uses media and the arts to create cultural ambassadors of African Descent to educate themselves and their community. An outgrowth of an Atlanta-based organization, Helping Africa By Establishing Schools at Home and Abroad (HABESHA), AYA has redefined […]