Board Meeting Minutes October 11, 2022

Date: October 11, 2022

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Baltimore Children & Youth  Fund, Inc. was held on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, via video conference.

Board Members In Attendance: Dion Cartwright, Chair; Kirsten Allen, Vice Chair; John  Morris, Treasurer; Jacqueline Caldwell, Secretary; Louis Williams Jr.; Marcus Pollock; Keiona Gorham; Larry Simmons 

Absent (Board): Jon Gray, Lisa Molock, Lanaye Drake, Catherine Benton-Jones 

Staff Members in Attendance: Alysia Lee, President; Regina Salliey-Cooper, VP Grantmaking & Technical Assistance; Nicassia Belton, VP of Learning, Evaluation & Data Management; Sarita Edwards, Executive Assistant; Sherria Lovelace, Administrative Assistant


The Meeting was called to order by the Chair, Dion Cartwright, at 6:31 p.m.

Call to Order

Cartwright welcomed the Board of Directors and the public to this meeting of the Baltimore

Children and Youth Fund, Inc. (BCYF, Inc.).

Cartwright reminded the attendees of BCYF, Inc.’s purpose: to create new opportunities for the city’s young people to learn, thrive and succeed. Cartwright also stated BCYF, Inc.’s status and responsibility as a nonprofit organization stewarding public funds.


Cartwright shared the purpose of the meeting: to update the Board and the public on an overview of FY23 and our priority areas. The meeting will also include information on Board Development plans for this fiscal year.  

Meeting Minutes from September 27th Meeting

Cartwright announced that the Board had received the draft of the meeting minutes from the

September 27, 2022, meeting of the Board. Cartwright asked if there were any amendments or comments on the minutes, and there were none. 


Morris moved for approval of the minutes. Simmons seconded the motion. September 27, 2022, Board meeting minutes were unanimously approved by all Board members in attendance.

President’s Report-Alysia Lee, President

Cartwright introduced Alysia Lee, BCYF, Inc.’s President, and explained that the President’s

report is an opportunity for the Board to learn about the organization and for Lee to highlight key priority areas and engage in dialogue with the Board about current operational policies.


Cartwright then turned this portion of the agenda over to Lee to provide an update on the 2022 fiscal year’s achievements and the vision and progress for the 2023 fiscal year.


BCYF’s culture models the Sankofa principle, ‘looking back to look forward. Ms. Lee shared that the consultant team played a pivotal role in shaping the future internal process and orientation. In addition, the staff is focused on building infrastructure in planning, fund development, and administration. This work is ongoing. 


Lee shared the following FY23 Priority Areas and critical updates. 


Strategic Planning: BCYF will distribute an RFP for a strategic planning consultant and plan to launch the process in winter 2023. 


Building the BCYF team: Ms. Lee shared that 46% of the staff positions have been filled. Lee also shared the BCYF Team Development Model. Although Lee designed the framework, the staff team will contribute to expanding the framework with resources and tools. In addition, the entire team is participating in building the team charters for the organization, engaging in robust retreats and collective learning. 


Lee shared recent staff survey data that 100% of the team Strongly Agrees or Agrees with:

·      The BCYF leadership team is supportive and here to help. 

·      BCYF values growth and learning in the workplace. 

·      BCYF seeks to build relationships based on trust, understanding and shared commitments. 

·      BCYF honors history while also inviting innovation and new ways of working. 


FY22 Grantees

Lee shared that Board and staff members conducted site visits, governance committee meetings, planning meetings, and end-of-summer celebrations with the Summer Funding Collaborative. 


The staff designed and implemented the FY22 Grant Award process, including communications, the public announcement event, meeting agendas, orientation, contracting, portfolio assignments, and support documentation.


Lee showed a video demonstration of the new custom-built grantee portal that will allow for seamless onboarding, reporting, and monitoring for the new grantees. Lee thanked Dr. Nicassia Belton and her team for their exemplary work. 


Lee also thanked Regina Salliey for her and her team’s exemplary work leading the new grantees through the grantee journey of pre-grant Agreement to Initial Grant Disbursement.  


Ms. Lee shared that the 1st Annual Grantee Celebration was a huge success. The event was hosted at R. House, 301 W. 29th Street, Baltimore, Maryland. 


FY23 Grantees Ms. Lee reminded everyone that the board approved $18,760,000.00 for FY 23 grantmaking and technical assistance spending. 


Board Transitions Lee shared that the planning for Avis Ransom Institute has evolved and expanded, and the team is working to produce a summer program and new curriculum. 


Additionally, Lee presented goals for Fall and Winter board support, including 

  • Develop and implement communication and operations for Board activity. 
  • Develop and implement succession plans for Board officers.

·      Secure assignments/appointments for Board officer and committee chair positions.

·      Develop and implement recruitment/onboarding and orientation processes that begin with a review of the evaluation report.

·      Work with Board Chair to create learning agenda and team-building opportunities.


Site Plan Working Group In collaboration with the Board, the Executive Leadership Team  will lead a collaborative working group to determine a plan for brick-and-mortar space for BCYF. 


#bcreds and Learning Lab Lee shared the vision for these two new learning and community engagement initiatives and will share a fully developed action plan.


Finance Overview

The Finance Committee met Tuesday, Oct 4, 2022. Lee presented the budget versus actual reports for May, June, and July. The Finance Committee is monitoring changes in spending trends due to staff onboarding. The purchase of furniture and computer equipment are examples. 


Additionally, BCYF is partnering with local consultants to review and support development. 



Ms. Cartwright adjourned the meeting at 7:39 pm.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec 6, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom.