BCYF and Baltimore Brothers host Youth Anti-Violence Series

Baltimore has a critical need for more hope, healing and healthy opportunities, especially for Black children, adolescents, and youth. This will require better relationships among those who are working to create opportunities for their families, their neighborhoods, the organizations and faith communities they work with.


Most importantly, it requires better relationships among the many community leaders working to improve the lives of our children, youth, and families. No one can do everything but everyone can do something.


The Baltimore City Children and Youth Fund (BCYF) and Baltimore Brothers has organized this series of workshops and technical assistance sessions to transfer information and to help foster relationships, infrastructures, and resources that will create and/or expand pathways to success for Baltimore’s children, youth, and families.


Each of the sessions is hosted by Andrew Muhammad, Founder of Baltimore Brothers.


The activities provided are intended to increase Baltimore’s opportunities to create and support pathways to success for children, adolescents, and youth:


  • Reduce shootings and homicides by increasing relationships and peer supports
  • Increase employment or educational engagement of disengaged children and youth
  • Provide support to family members, e.g., mental health, housing stability, food, workforce opportunities
  • Increased collaborations between service providers and community leaders and community residents
  • Increase mediation and conflict resolution skills and access to those capacities.

Upcoming Sessions