Youth Leadership Program (YLP) Curriculum Specialist and Facilitator


The Baltimore Children and Youth Fund  (“BCYF”) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created as a dedicated fund to support programs for Baltimore’s young people. The concept of the Baltimore Children and Youth  Fund (“the Fund”) was launched in 2015 by then-City Council President  Bernard “Jack” C. Young. It was created as a response to the unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, an event that sharply illuminated longstanding inequities in public funding in Black communities. 


In 2016, the Baltimore City Council and voters approved the Fund to receive an annual appropriation of the assessed value of all property in Baltimore City.  Baltimore Children and Youth Fund was named the permanent intermediary of the Fund. BCYF is committed to ensuring that our children and youth are healthy, ready to succeed in school, and live in stable, safe, and supportive families and communities.


BCYF does more than grantmaking. We collaborate with grassroots organizations and community leaders to create new opportunities for the city’s young people to learn, thrive, and succeed. BCYF awards grants to organizations that provide programs to thousands of Baltimore’s young people — from academic support and science exploration to dance and photography. Unlike traditional philanthropic efforts in Baltimore, BCYF is committed to authentic community engagement. Baltimore community members and youth leaders shape and lead our strategy and grant decisions.  


At BCYF we believe….

If we identify and cultivate Black and Brown-led nonprofits in Baltimore and provide them with capacity building, resources, and funding, then we can empower these organizations to address systemic challenges and improve outcomes for children and youth.


If we facilitate bilateral learning among these nonprofits, experts, and community stakeholders, then we can foster collective problem-solving and create a supportive community for learning and growth.


If we support these nonprofits in advocating for policy changes and reforms and amplify their voices in engaging with policymakers, then we can work towards systemic change 
that positively impacts marginalized communities


If we regularly evaluate the outcomes and impact of our efforts and adapt our strategies accordingly, then we can ensure maximum effectiveness and sustainability in our mission to empower Black and Brown-led nonprofits and enhance the lives of children and youth in Baltimore.



The Baltimore Children & Youth Fund builds partnerships that support the ecosystem
focused on opportunities for Baltimore youth by providing support to leaders and organizations.


We envision a more just, creative, and abundant Baltimore where all young people live, thrive, and lead. 

We envision an ecosystem of sustainable youth programs with full agency, liberated from the harm of structural racism and inequity and able to thrive in abundance. 

What is the Ecosystem?

Using the term ecosystem reminds us that we find truth and knowledge in the patterns in 
the natural world that we can apply in social justice movements and liberatory practices.

The ecosystem we envision is an extraordinary interconnected web of physical, psychological, and energetic networks that envelop the vibrant lives of Baltimore’s youth, positively shaping their very existence – producing compassionate, resourceful, innovative, and productive humans.

Who is in the Ecosystem?

  • Youth-serving organizations and programs, 
  • Schools, 
  • Government agencies, 
  • Teaching artists & Staff of youth programs
  • Youth and adult leaders 
  • Children and youth
  • Families and caregivers
  • Community spaces (libraries, houses of worship, community centers)
  • Funders
  • Arts and cultural institutions
  • Advocacy organizations
  • And more…

The work of BCYF is to invest in the people who support the creation and/or sustainment of that ecosystem.



Ubuntu (n.) I am because of who we all are. Ubuntu is the South African philosophy 
that describes the interconnectedness of all people. It emphasizes the idea that 
an individual’s well-being is intricately tied to the well-being of the community. 
The philosophy promotes humanity, service, sharing, healing, and reconciliation. 

In the West, we often greet each other by saying, “How are you doing?” The Maasai people of East Africa greet each other by asking, “How are the children?” This greeting represents the idea that the children’s well-being defines the community’s well-being. 

The Baltimore Children & Youth Fund aspires to help the whole city of Baltimore embrace and live out the worldview embodied in the Maasai greeting. We firmly believe that the well-being of our children should be a collective responsibility embraced by all. 

Racial Justice

We honor and celebrate the cultural resources and assets within the Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities in Baltimore City. We acknowledge their history and power. We work to address the role of philanthropy in dismantling structural racism by engaging in internal and external work centering Black and Brown wisdom in our approach. 

Intergenerational Leadership

We include youth along with adults in all aspects of our work. Having different generations work together reflects how our entire community must work together to improve the quality of life in our city. 

Community Ownership 

The community has equal, authentic decision-making power in distributing BCYF’s resources. Additionally, the organization must include a variety of highly committed people who are accountable to the communities they serve. At the core of our organization’s mission lies the aspiration to embody our values.


The Avis Ransom Institute seeks a dedicated and passionate ARI Program Facilitator to join our team. This individual will be instrumental in co-designing the curriculum with youth and other stakeholders and delivering that curriculum from a Black Liberatory Framework.


  • Collaboratively design an engaging and relevant curriculum with the active involvement of youth and other key stakeholders.
    • Facilitate learning experiences that empower youth through a Black Liberatory pedagogy.
      • Collaboratively plan and facilitate one youth forum to co-design overall ARI curricula.
      • Construct draft and final ARI curricula from the input gathered at the youth forums, BCYF board, and other vested stakeholder expertise.
        • Engage with community leaders and organizations to ensure the curriculum reflects the needs and aspirations of the community.
    • Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ needs, abilities, and interests.
    • Organize and oversee activities that align with the curriculum and encourage active participation from students.
  • Facilitate all ARI programs, including the spring 2024 pilot, summer program launch, and fall weekend retreat, with the support and collaboration of the Capacity Building Team and BCYF board members.
    • Spearhead youth recruitment, community organization partnerships, and HBCU investments with the support of the Capacity Building Team.



  • Engaging and Relevant Curriculum Design:
    • Collaboratively design an inclusive and engaging curriculum with active input from youth and key stakeholders.
    • Develop learning materials that align with a Black Liberatory pedagogy, fostering empowerment and inclusivity.
    • Construct draft ARI curricula by synthesizing input from youth forums, the BCYF board, and other stakeholders.
    • Refine and finalize the curriculum based on feedback, ensuring alignment with community needs.
  • Participation in BCYF Youth Curriculum Design Forums:
    • Co-facilitate one BCYF youth curriculum design forum scheduled for May 2024, contributing to the collaborative design process.
    • Actively involve participants in co-design, ensuring their perspectives shape the curriculum.
  • ARI Pilot Facilitation:
    • Co-facilitate the Avis Ransom Institute pilot projected for early June 2024, ensuring smooth curriculum implementation.
  • Project Reporting:
    • Provide regular updates and monthly progress reports on curriculum development, forum outcomes, and overall project advancement.
    • Present a final comprehensive report summarizing the ARI curriculum, highlighting the collaborative process and key learnings.
  • Timeframe:
    • From April to June 30, 2024, to fulfill the outlined deliverables and ensure the successful execution of the project.



  • Proven experience as a facilitator or educator, particularly within youth leadership programs.
  • Strong understanding and application of Black liberatory education frameworks.
  • Exceptional collaborative and interpersonal skills for co-designing curriculum with diverse groups.
  • Ability to cultivate safe and inclusive learning environments.
  • Commitment to the principles of equity, justice, and community empowerment.


This role is critical in shaping the future leaders of our community by providing them with tools, knowledge, and opportunities to grow and contribute to society. If you believe in the transformative power of education and community collaboration, we encourage you to apply for this fulfilling opportunity.

Submitting a Proposal

BCYF is seeking proposals from experienced consultants specializing in modular course design and nonprofit professional development. 


Submitted responses to this Request for Proposals should include the following:

  • Narrative Proposal (Maximum of five (5) pages)
    • Name and contact information
      • A description of qualifications and capacity to do this project, including:
        • Work activities, expertise, knowledge, and experience in course writing;
        • Detailed description of prior experience developing curriculum.
        • Demonstration of alignment with values and mission of BCYF;
        • Track record of work grounded in Black liberation, racial justice, intersectionality, and/or accessibility;
        • Experience working with the youth development, nonprofit, and/or philanthropic sectors; and
        • Knowledge and understanding of Baltimore City’s historical and current landscape.


  • Resumes or brief biographical summaries of all personnel who will work on this project.
  • At least two professional references with a short description of the work performed and the time required to complete it. BCYF will contact these references to discuss their experience with developing professional development trainings for nonprofits. Ideally, one of these references will be able to speak to the success of the training.
  • Sample of a previously completed professional development training curriculum (1-3 samples). Portions may be redacted to protect private information as needed.
  • Conflict of Interest Statement: The consultant must disclose any possible conflicts of interest that may result from the award of this contract or services provided under this contract. 


Pricing Structure: We invite competitive bids and encourage consultant teams to submit their proposed budgets based on the scope of work. While we anticipate a budget of $10,000, we will review and consider other cost proposals from qualified consultants. We believe that by considering a range of cost proposals, we can make an informed decision that not only meets the project’s needs but also provides the best value for BCYF.

Criteria for Selection

BCYF will select the proposal we believe will deliver the highest quality deliverable at the best value. Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee designated by the President. 


Additional Considerations:

  • This project will require that the consultant/s have insurance coverage and background checks before the commencement of any work.
  • All proposals are potentially public records. Please be advised that documents in BCYF’s possession are considered public records and subject to disclosure under the Maryland Public Information Act, meaning that people can ask to see these records, and BCYF must release them.


Proposal Submission:

The deadline for submission is Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 5:00 PM EST. 


Please submit proposals and any direct questions via email to:


Keiona Gorham, Director of Capacity Building

Baltimore Children & Youth Fund