2023 Avis Ransom Institute

Baltimore, MD – The Avis Ransom Institute (ARI), a partnership between Baltimore Children and Youth Fund and Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, is proud to announce the launch of its second year of operation. The ARI project aims to equip young people in Baltimore with the skills and knowledge to become effective leaders and advocates for their communities. This is a paid opportunity for young people ages 16-24.


ARI offers a comprehensive program that includes instructional, community immersion, and pipeline connection components. Participants will learn self-advocacy techniques and have access to leadership development opportunities. The program involves partnerships with community organizations and institutions, providing participants with social and historical context and opportunities to serve in leadership capacities.


“We are excited to continue our mission of investing in young people in Baltimore. Through this training, young people will strengthen their network and elevate their skills as leaders and advocates for their communities,” said Alysia Lee, BCYF’s President. “Through the ARI initiative, we hope to create positive change in Baltimore and beyond and honor the legacy of Baltimore legend Avis Ransom.”


For more information about the Avis Ransom Institute and its new project, please contact Allen Blackwell at (410) 593-8411 or email ari@bcyfund.org.