2021 Baltimore City Youth Development Forum

Funders Panel - What's Your Vision for Baltimore?

A powerful conversation with some of Baltimore’s most progressive funders. Hear how they are supporting the grassroots organizations.

Youth Plenary with young people from Youth As Resources

Young adults from Youth As Resources (YAR) share their experiences as youth in Baltimore.

Understanding Liberatory Principles in Youth Development

Let’s take a practical look at cultivating a liberatory pose in youth development in a way that is accessible to every person’s capacity to make observations, reading reality, and apply their observations. We’ll explore some information and hold conversations together to advance our collective understanding and empower action.

Fireside Chat with Baltimore leaders

Dr. Heber Brown and Eric Jackson discuss their ongoing work in Baltimore.

Culturally Relevant Youth Workforce Development Practices

This workshop will serve to help workforce practitioners and other caring adults cultivate a mindset and set of practices that help build the professional capacity of young workers. Participants will learn to center the culture of the young person when providing employment services and to begin to understand and challenge the racism embedded within current workforce development models.

Dis-placia: Vacants in the Village

The workshop will give a history of blight in Baltimore, how it impacts communities and how the family home is an asset that can be used to strengthen family bonds, provide housing, build economic vibrancy and restore community.

BCYF Keynote Presentation

Join BCYF Consultant and Public Policy Director, Dayvon Love and Interim BCYF Board Chair, Dion Cartwright as they share the background, history and goals of the Youth Fund while taking questions from the audience on what’s next.

Authentically Engaging with Young People

Supporting Youth Community Leadership and training young people on self advocacy.